We're looking for a fun, fast and diligent person to join our family team.

The job requires experience with friers and the stamina and personality to be part of a quickly moving kitchen crew. We serve fresh fritters on the spot and we work in an open kitchen so that our customers can be part of the culinary experience. Being able to fry to golden excellence and be wiling to share a smile while you do is important to us.

The hours aren't set in stone but will likely be 10:00-5:00 including weekends. We are hiring for both a full-time and part-time position. 

Compensation will be set based on experience.

If this sounds like you, please send us your CV and a brief cover letter. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hiring Organization: 
Fritters on the Lake
  • Frying amazing apple fritters
  • Making batter
  • Dressing the fritters in cinnamon sugar
  • Previous frying experience is preferred but not a requirement
Base Salary: 
$16.00-$18.00 per hour
Work Hours: 
Employment Type: 
Full Time
Part Time
Additional Information: 
  • Weekend availability is required
Job Types: 
Food and Beverage Server
Industry Sector: 
Accommodation and Food Services