Shop Foreman

Overview Reporting to the Production Manager or designate, the Shop Foreman is responsible for the supervision, coordination and effective scheduling of workers to meet production targets and quality standards. Responsibilities include the training of staff in production methods, safety, policies and procedures, as well as the identification and correction of potential work problems and health and safety issues. In the course of duty the Shop Foreman will be expected to prepare and maintain a range of reports and hold responsibility for effective budgeting for their area. Through the effective management of targets, goals and production efficiencies, the Shop Foreman will ensure the ongoing success of the plant floor. The role requires advanced reading, writing, mathematical and computer literacy. The role may require the employee to be trained in the use of Tow Motors, Cranes, WHMIS, JHSC and First Aid.
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Niagara Fasteners
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Specific Duties 1. Perform material handling activities such as counting, measuring, weighing, sorting, packing and unpacking of product or material. 2. Provide relevant information and updates regarding processes, equipment and schedules to Production Manager. 3. Verify relevant work order operations to contract items to for compliance. 4. Review work orders prior to issue to Production to ensure proper sequencing of operations, no conflicts with equipment usage and man hours are reasonable and material is available. 5. Review work orders to ensure that material assigned meets the criteria for work order, equipment and tools necessary for production are in good working order, man hours are properly scheduled and review of drawings for any issues. 6. Review work order schedules on a regular basis to ensure proper tooling for changeovers are ready and available for work orders in pipeline and upcoming. 7. Must attend Daily & Weekly Production Meeting to update team on departmental workflow and challenges. 8. Report to Quality Assurance Department any issues regarding the storage of material, missing material, mislabelled material, unidentified material etc. 9. Report to the Production Manager outstanding and potentially late deliveries. 10. Review work order schedules to ensure that materials required to complete order are available and ready for the next operation. Page 1 of 3 11. Ensure that assigned work orders are completed within pre-determined/ reasonable production deadlines. Where there are delays work with employees and management to resolve issues and bring back in line with expected deadlines. 12. Ensure that shop floor employees are properly setting up and calibrating machine when changing production orders. 13. Ensure and regularly check that employees are monitoring machines during every procedure to ensure optimum production. 14. Assist with troubleshooting problems during machine operation 15. Spot check machines are cleaned and in working order. 16. Maintain a tooling record and regularly review and update with tooling available to determine its condition and where necessary forward request for tooling to be replaced, repaired or purchased. 17. Train new shop floor employees to operate and perform basic maintenance on the machines assigned. 18. Ensure that all employees are properly trained to set up, operate and perform basic maintenance on equipment. 19. Keep up to date with safe machine operation practices for equipment and update Criteria for Shop Training matrix for training employees on use of equipment. 20. Ensure that shop floor employees clean machines and work stations at end of each shift. 21. Ensure that any special process procedures have been approved prior to release of work order to shop floor. 22. Any other reasonable duties as assigned by the Production Manager or designate. Supervisory Duties 1. Preparation and assignment of work orders and processes based on delivery dates, existing work orders, incoming work order, availability of resources and equipment. 2. Supervision of shop floor employees to ensure compliance with safe operations and company policy. 3. Report to management any issues that can jeopardise life, limb and operations. 4. Report to Production Manager or designate on the performance of the department on a regular basis. 5. Ensure employees are provided with the proper tooling, equipment and safety gear. 6. Ensure employees are properly and safely using equipment 7. Monitor, document and review on a regular basis performance of employees. 8. Document and report any notable changes in performance to management. Provide recommendations for improvement where necessary. 9. Ensure that the Company continues to meet its legal and compliance obligations. 10. Ensure that employees log into and out of work order system. Page 2 of 3 General Duties  Perform general cleaning duties.  Report any damaged or deteriorating, missing, mislabelled or unidentified material to Quality Assurance Department for issue of non-conformance.  Comply with company policies and safety policies.  Understand the areas of the Quality System that affect duties being performed.  Report to management any activities which can adversely affect the organisation.  Behave respectfully to others in and around the facility  Suggest improvements to the operations of NFI  Maintain workstation/ work area and equipment in a clean and serviceable manner.  Provide information and assistance for completion of incident reports in relation to health and safety issues
Must have own transportation General Machinist (not required) High school Completion Computer proficiency Use of measuring tools Foreman experience mandatory Machine Operator Experience mandatory
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Full Time
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Interested candidates please forward resumes to: [email protected]