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Camp Counsellor

The job of a Camp Counsellor involves supervision of youth who attend STEM Camp. As their counsellor you will be guiding them through STEM-related activities centered around the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with a strong focus on coding and robotics. An academic and practical foundation in these areas is a huge asset. A counsellor must be fun and energetic but have good group management skills as well. Counsellors are responsible for activity setup and cleanup, organizing activities, respecting safety and health protocols and exhibiting strong leadership skills. Counsellors will also be provided opportunities to apply for the Lead Counsellor, Health and Safety Counsellor and Activity Coordinator positions.

Hiring Organization: 
STEM camp
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Leading activities for a group of STEM campers as assigned by Head Office; Leading inquiry and discussion surrounding those activities
Assisting campers in learning more about STEM Camp projects;
Creating a fun, enjoyable, and safe atmosphere for campers;
Modelling appropriate behaviour and positive interactions in every session with campers and your peers; coming to each session prepared
Setting the tone by being an example for campers by actively leading camper activities, and showing an interest in each camper as s/he works through activities;
Ensuring that all campers under your care are treated equally, consistently and fairly;
Assuming the responsibility of leadership with consistent and specific direction in the supervision of campers;
Using only Head Office approved websites, online tools and videos in camp activities;
Demonstrating emotional maturity, a positive attitude, thoughtfulness and stability in decision-making;
Being self-confident and able to accept and adopt constructive feedback;
Providing appropriate feedback to, and communication with parents or guardians whenever needed, and immediately when emergency contact with parents/guardians is required;
Completing all company training and abiding by all STEM Camp policies, rules and regulations;
Carrying out other reasonable duty requests from any member of the Management Team;
Examining and implementing market research surrounding fall programming by phoning customers and researching educational market trends;
Ensuring sessions are running smoothly and that both campers and counsellors are following the STEM Camp guidelines;
Ensuring each session has the material needed to run smoothly by creating different games and activities for campers aged 5-13 to engage in as they work through the program material with their counsellors


Note: Candidates applying for any position with STEM Camp must have proof of First Aid Certification as well as a recent (within the last two years) Police Check in the Vulnerable Sector, unless these services are currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

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Full Time
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Please visit to begin an application.

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Educational Services