Volunteer Sewers Needed

We need your help. International Sew Right is looking for volunteers to sew masks, gowns, head caps, for the hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizens, children and all makes of life. International Sew Right will donate the fabric pre cut everything into the masks etc, we will provide the thread and sewing instructions. Drivers are needed to help deliver the masks to the people sewing and for the pick ups If you know someone please forward this.. People are emailing us saying count me in...I can help sew anything We still need more, because hospitals need more, first line of defence needs more. As you need more we can give you what you need. As we help others our hearts swell with the love and pride we have for each other...We rock Canada Thank you in advance Lyse Moreau Contact Information Please contact Lyse Moreau 905.374.3600 [email protected]