Youth Job Link - Employment Services Available

Available to youth between the ages of 15 – 29. Youth Job Link (YJL) is a new youth employment program designed to help youth, including students, aged 15 to 29, who could benefit from some extra help to plan their careers and transition to the labour market. The program offers a range of employment services for young people to gain career management skills, get exposure to career exploration activities, and get help finding employment, including full-time, summer and part-time employment. If you have never worked before, Job Matching Services are available to assist you with obtaining employment. Let the Niagara Employment Help Centre help you with Job search, readiness and matching assistance to connect you with employers offering employment opportunities, including summer jobs. Career exploration workshops are available to increase knowledge of career options and support career decision-making and management. Labour Market Information Resume building Interview Skills Counterfeiting Prevention Safety Awareness & WHMIS Job Search for Social Media