Finding the right candidate to meet your hiring needs requires more than just posting an advertisement and waiting for a suitable candidate to apply. Let the Niagara Employment Help Centre save you valuable time and money by making your hiring process easier. Employer Benefits:

  • Free job postings
  • Fill job vacancies quickly and efficiently
  • Access to a bank of potential employees
  • Reduce employment costs
  • All candidates can be pre-screened
  • YOU select the most appropriate candidate
  • Job trials and training incentives
  • Financial assistance may be applicable to help offset the cost of training
  • On-going support to ensure success
  • All candidates can be trained in Workplace Safety and WHMIS free of charge

For further information on how our FREE placement services can assist you with your staffing needs, please contact a job developer at 905-358-0021 or Register as an Employer for access to our online job listing system.